A bolt from the blue

The following game was played in the ICC 5-minute pool against an opponent whose FIDE rating is 2071. I don’t normally annotate or show blitz games that I’ve played for obvious quality reasons, but I uncorked an extremely snazzy tactic in this game that I can’t help but share. (To my opponent’s credit, he was very gracious and also congratulated me on the move.) A steady diet of exercises based on ‘invisible’ moves seems to have finally paid off!

*Spoiler alert* The key positions is after White plays 18. g3, so you can try to work it out for yourself if you like! Of course, knowing ahead of time the critical moment makes any tactic easier to spot, which is part of why finding moves like this can be so difficult!

Bishop stifling

I played the following game with the White pieces against WFM Anna Levina. The middlegame shows the thematic idea of playing with a good knight against a bad bishop. The finale shows off a beautiful twist on the same idea.

My chessvideos.tv analysis can be found here.